Investment Criteria

TARGET - Acquire a healthy profitable company at reasonable valuation. 

•    History of positive cash flow
•    Predictable, stable, recurring revenue between $10-40 million
•    Industry leading margins & low to moderate capital intensity
•    Strong EBITDA: $1-6 million (more than 15% of revenue)

•    Long product/service life cycles
•    Proven management team
•    Differentiation
•    Potential to improve performance
•    Stable contractual relationships with diverse customer base

•    Profitable (not in decline)
•    Fragmented geographical and/or product markets
•    Potential acquisition targets available
•    Lower risk (technological, regulatory and cyclical)
•    Preferably business to business services

•    Seeking to exit in next 12 months
•    Owner wants to step back from day to day operations
•    Reasonable expectations of company value


Experience Matters

Let Slipstream find your creative solution




Slipstream is committed to acquiring a quality mid-market company.  We remain open to any opportunity that meets our stated investment criteria and we welcome unsolicited outreach.  The following represent a small sample of service sectors we're currently exploring.  



· Healthcare IT, ECM and SaaS driven solutions

· Diagnostic Imaging Services, Labs and niche services

· Remote care, monitoring and transportation services

· Substance abuse and addiction services

· Pharmacy and billing support services

Enhanced outcome based service offerings


Logistics & Energy

• 3d party logistics, freight forwarding, warehousing, last mile delivery, customs brokerage services, and any service that manages the efficient flow of commerce.

• Community scale renewable grids and support services. The continued expansion of renewable energy requires business services for cleaning, maintenance and grid management


Security, SaaS, ECM

• Tremendous B2B growth opportunity
• Cyber and related IOT services
• Big data analytics
• Drones supporting agricultural support and monitoring
• Personal & Corporate security monitoring
• Content management and analysis
• Support to emergency services